Of Ozzie the Sea Otter, by Dohlke the Great Adventures has become a hit on facebook and facebook and was only presented in Sciences’ California Academy for Otter Week. This Thursday October 09, 2010 at 11:00 AM join the UOP Tigers as well as the experts of “The Great Activities of Ozzie the Sea Otter” for a unique storytime to greatly help observe the “Bring me a Book” Foundation’s first-ever Barnes & Noble bookfair. Stay and take your image with Powercat, the UOP Tiger mascot help writing an essay along with the Group. Fulfill author Dohlke and hear her creativity the Ocean Otter. Noble & Barnes may donate proceeds towards the Bring Me A Book Base from book revenue, a program centered on keeping reading living and offering communities and underfunded colleges with books and sea otter safety companies will be donated to by Ozzie. Join your community to keep literacy alive as of get new information this household event and find out all-the small Ozzies motivate in your life! Extra information about that new children guide is found at: Sea otter and Dohlke is kid’s sea otter guide loaded creatures is found at her site.